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Would you like Hundreds of
Free Printable Coloring pages for your kids?

Let Maui Artist, Guy Junker help you out and come join the club!

Best of all, Membership is FREE


You can print all the amazing coloring pages that your kids need.  And they come straight from the cartoonist's desk, right to your computer.

My name is Guy Junker and I am a cartoonist from the Island of Maui, Hawaii.  I have created an online coloring book club that allows you to print exciting coloring pages for your kids.  Right from your computer!   

Best of all, Membership is FREE!

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Sea Turtle

  Here are just a few of the coloring pages you'll find in the club.  

Printable coloring pages

  • Holiday Themes

  • Alphabet

  • Numbers

  • Animals

  • Hawaiian Themes

  • Robots

  • Fantasy & Adventure

Santa and Snowman

Under the Sea

Robot Painter

Magical Unicorn
  Simply click on any of the images above  to view the larger image.  Next press the "Print" button on your web browser.  If you have any questions, please let me know at guy@junkertoons.com


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